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There are reports that the deadly bug carrier of the Trypanosoma cruze parasite had been spotted in USA.
There is already released an urgent warning against this insect and data that maybe 8 millions of people are affected with this parasite.
The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions states that a bite from the insect it may not lead to Chagas disease since the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite is found in the bug feces. In other words, the disease develops when the fecal material enters the body through an exposed part, such as the eyes or the mouth or gets rubbed into a bite wound.
But as I mentioned it may not develop serious diseases but it sure will cause some heart issues.
It is very similar to the mosquito because it feeds with human blood. What makes it unique is the fact that it bites its victims on their face only. Initially, the bite only itches but the parasite enters the body once the host scratches the affected area. Consequently, the parasite leads to sickness or heart disease.

It is also known as kissing bug and it is spotted across the North America. But luckily the chances human to get affected with the disease are low because of the feeding behavior doesn’t involve defecating. However, it is recommended to contact the closest CDC office in case of seeing bugs in the area.
he “kissing bugs” are usually found in holes and cracks, but outdoors is not an exception as well. The CDC points out the following places:
in rock, wood, brush piles, or beneath bark
in chicken coops or houses
in outdoor dog houses or kennels
in rodent nests or animal burrows
under cement
under porches
between rocky structures
CDC recommends the following preventive measures against these bugs:
Keeping your house and any outdoor pet resting areas clean
Removing wood, brush, and rock piles near your house
If possible, making sure yard lights are not close to your house
Sealing cracks and gaps around windows, walls, roofs, and doors
Having pets sleep indoors, especially at night
Using screens on doors and windows and repairing any holes or tears
Additional advice is if you find this bug, do not try to smash but cover with some container and fill with rubbing alcohol.


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