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This Is How To Get Rid Of A Stiff Neck In Less Than 10 Seconds, It’s Incredibly Effective


People all around the world are suffering from stiffness in their neck and persistent severe pain. Most usually the stiffness is caused by stress, tension and severe weather conditions. The neck is sensitive to these factors and that’s why they’re causing us problems.

Harsh weather conditions are also known to cause stiff neck.

The 10 second therapy

You can gain instant relief from your stiff neck and the pains associated with it by trying this simple 10 second therapy.

What you need

An exercise mat.

A rolled up or folded towel.

10 Seconds of your time

The therapy:

Lie flat on your back.

Try and relax your body.

Take the rolled or folded towel and place it under your right shoulder.

Bend your right arm at a 90 degree angle with your hand parallel to your head and your palm facing outward.

Place your left hand across your chest and on your right shoulder.

Keep this posture for about 10 Seconds.

You can repeat for your left shoulder if you like.

The stiff neck in your neck will immediately disappear and your neck will be lose and less tense. The pain you feel will also be gone as well.

This is a great remedy for stiff neck, however it is always advisable to note what could be responsible for your stiff neck in the first place and find ways of avoiding it, as prevention is always better than cure.


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