The maximum not unusual eye issues these days are in general because of the harmful radiation that’s coming from digital devices including smartphones, pills and laptops in addition to the air pollutants. Luckily, there may be a easy way to remedy them through the use of honey. Honey is a effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial agent which can deal with conjunctivitis, cataract, red eye, dry eyes and different eye problems without problems.

Honey for eye sicknesses

Corneal inflammation

Keratitis is the scientific name for inflammation of the cornea. This trouble can be as a result of issues such as dry eyes, infections, eyelid disorders or physical injuries to the eye. If now not dealt with on time, corneal infection can severely harm the attention. To deal with it, blend 30% of honey with 70% of vitamin drops. Simply place 1-2 drops of the combination below your eyelids every day for 10 days and it’ll lessen the irritation. In case you’re feeling a tingling sensation, don’t fear – it’ll disappear soon.


Conjunctivitis is commonly due to infections, allergic reactions or a physical agent such as UV or infrared light. Besides the redness, the situation causes pain, watery discharge from the eyes and swollen eyelids. To deal with it speedy, blend 30% of honey and 70% of distilled water, then follow 3 drops of the combination on your eyes two times a day.


Cataract is a circumstance that causes revolutionary cloudiness of the eye lens that can blur your imaginative and prescient. It’s far as a result of excess protein buildup inside the lens. People who smoke and people uncovered to excessive pollution are more exposed to the hazard of cataract. To deal with it evidently, boil some water and leave it to calm down, then blend 1 a part of honey with 3 components of the water. Position 1-2 drops of the solution to your eyes and repeat the process 3-4 instances a day for exceptional effects.