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He Manage To Eliminate Kidney Stones Only In 6 Days – Recipe Included



You will need some natural ingredients and only one week to get rid of the unpleasant kidney stones. Forget about the pain and try this recipe. Recommendation for those who have large stones to do this with care!
This natural solution will help you to break down the stones and to remove them as well and the sand accumulated from the kidneys. Plus you will clean the kidneys off the sludge.
Needed ingredients:
100 ml of extra virgin olive oil;
100 ml of beer;
100 ml of lemon juice
Take a glass bottle and put all the ingredients. Stir well.
When you wake up in the morning take 50ml of the mixture and drink it. Shake the bottle before drinking. Take it regularly in a period of 6 days and the stone will start to meld and pass through the urine. The sand will start to coming out just in 4 days.
Note: use only squeezed lemon juice. Keep in mind for the stones, this recipe is only for stones not larger than 15mm. larger stone can cause damage.



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