Guava Leaves Can Extremely Stop Your Hair loss And Make It Grow Like Crazy

Women and men are both affected by hair loss and nothing can remedy the difficulty regardless of what you use. But, you’re in success as we’ve got a few precise information. We’re offering you a herbal solution that can be extremely powerful for hair loss – guava leaves!

Guava leaves are possibly the high-quality natural solution for hair loss and also are powerful in increasing platelets in people stricken by Dengue fever. In step with scientists, normal use of guava leaves can prevent hair loss and stimulate hair boom. The leaves are wealthy in nutrition B, a diet important for wholesome hair boom.


Boil a handful of guava leaves in water for 20 mins, then permit the aggregate to settle down. Use it to massage your scalp – go away it on for multiple hours then wash your hair as common. Rub down the scalp earlier than you visit bed and go away the aggregate to paintings overnight for great outcomes. You may additionally apply the tonic after washing your hair.

Guava leaves will genuinely clear up the hair loss problem and its regular use will stimulate hair growth and reinforce the hair follicles and roots.