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Bananas Infected Aids Virus


Recently on the Internet there was some information that the WHO has warned people about the existence of about two million bananas infected with HIV virus. According to this information, apparently bananas that come from Guatemala were infected with this virus by injecting infected blood in the bananas, and they were then distributed in several countries including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and USA. Well, you should all know that this information is not true. It is just another myth that was spread on the Internet along with this picture. For starters, there is no such statement by WHO which started this warning in the first place, and this can easily be checked if you go and visit their website. There is no such mention about any infected bananas on their website. Then, even if you do not check the website of WHO, you cannot believe this wrong and misleading information as it has no scientific basis. Another thing is that the HIV virus is pretty sensitive to external factors and the environment and thus it cannot survive long outside the human body. According to some estimations, the HIV virus can survive in the environment nearly an hour and under the influence of different chemical and physical agents it soon becomes inactive. This means that you should not believe this fake news and you can freely continue eating bananas and enjoy their taste. They contain plenty of nutrients, vitamins, and fiber and that is why they are highly beneficial for our health.


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