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A Powerful Homemade Recipe That Makes All The Mosquitoes and Cockroaches Fall Dead Immediately!


We’re presenting you a natural remedy that will help you get rid of the mosquitoes and flies in an effective way.


There are many products on the market that claim to help you do this but all chemicals have certain side effects that should be avoided in ourlife, so this natural remedy is the best choice for you.

To prepare this natural remedy you will need:

½ a cup of vegetable oil
½ a cup of shampoo
½ a cup of natural vinegar (this should be of 9% concentration)


Mix all the ingredients very well and make sure you get a homogeneous mixture. Then, put the homogeneous mixture in a spray bottle so you can then spray all the areas where you want these hateful and pesky mosquitoes or flies to disappear. You can use this remedy in the rooms without any problems because it is completely natural, in addition and you can also use it in the garden or even apply it on your skin to make it work as a natural repellent.

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