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These days we’ve a listing of 5 matters that you need to by no means do after having a dinner or lunch:


Many people are aware that smoking is extraordinarily dangerous to their health and but they nevertheless hold with this terrible dependancy, and they even do it right after having a meal. it is very essential to attend some hours after having a meal after which smoke a cigarette due to the fact cigarettes incorporate nicotine which can bind to the excess oxygen critical for digestion, hence allowing the body to take in greater cancer causing agents than regular. in step with some research, smoking right after a meal is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes immediately. in addition, this may growth your threat of lung and bowel cancer.

Eat Fruit

The great time for consuming fruit is earlier than a meal, on an empty belly because of the reality that end result require extraordinary enzymes which will digest. also, the sugars contained in fruit need greater time so they may be completely absorbed. recall to say that you may reap the best benefits from all of the nutrients, fiber and different sugars when your stomach is empty. consuming fruit after a meal, alternatively, can reason heartburn, indigestion, and burping.


in case you visit bed right after having a meal, it’s far much more likely to enjoy soreness, bloating and different sleeping patterns because this will cause your stomach to burn throughout the night. The university of Ioannina clinical college carried out a look at which proved that individuals who waited a longer period of time to visit bed after having a meal, had much less threat of experiencing a stroke. So, make certain no longer to eat as a minimum a few hours earlier than going to sleep.


Showering right after having a meal can boom the blood waft inside the legs and palms, for that reason reducing the blood flow in the stomach. this may weaken your digestive device and lead to stomach ache.

Drink Tea

You ought to never drink tea right after having dinner due to the fact it could intervene with the iron absorption. The tea consists of a tannic acid which can bind with iron and protein in our food. it’s far scientifically demonstrated that in maximum instances this effects in 87% lower in absorption of iron. And iron deficiency can reason anemia, hence causing light pores and skin, terrible urge for food, chest pain, cold ft and palms, dizziness, weak point, and excessive fatigue.

So, you may conclude that there are sure things that you should avoid proper after having a meal. make sure to make a mental notice of the time and depart some area in between ingesting fruit, ingesting tea, or mendacity down!

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